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Why is Goondeen
important for schools?

Often teachers’ struggle to find First Nations resources that they can trust and feel confident to teach. The Goondeen Education Resources have been created as a gateway for schools to connect with their local First Nations Community. At times, listening to these stories can be challenging and confronting; however, for true healing and understanding to be done, we must educate ourselves to learn with empathy and understanding.


The Goondeen Institute acknowledge the traditional custodians whose cultures and customs have maintained and continue to maintain this land.

We acknowledge the Murri, Goori, Bidjara, Pitjara, Yuggera, and Goenpul people for sharing their knowledge with us, we continue to listen, learn and grow from their teachings. We recognise their leaders, past, present and emerging, and the part they continue to play in the education of their people. We understand and appreciate that this place has always been a place of teaching and learning and we will continue that custom.

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