Professional Development

Goondeen Institute invite your school to book a Professional Development session with your staff. Facilitated by Kiana Charlton; this session covers implementing First Nations perspectives in the classroom and how the Goondeen Education Resources can assist in this process.


1.5 hours
$99 pp or $1,199 per school (which is the lower)
  • Intro to Goondeen
  • First Nations world view
  • 2 x Activities
  • Goondeen platform tutorial
  • Why First Nations perspectives are important to schools
  • Discussion/questions
  • 3 months access to e-resources


3 hrs
$149 pp or $2,999 per school (which is the lower)
  • All basic session content
  • Yarning circle
  • First Nations history
  • How to link First Nations content to the curriculum
  • Print out resources
  • 6 months access to e-resources


6 hrs
$249 pp or $4,499 per school (which is the lower)
  • All basic and standard session content
  • In-depth lesson planning session
  • Participant presentation
  • 12 months access to e-resources

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