What is “Goondeen”?

Goondeens can be well known figures or local heroes. She or he might be someone who demonstrates the unpretentious values of share, care and respect, for the land, the environment and for other people. Goondeens are people who foster a sense of belonging within the community and lift others up through their positive actions.

How well do you think you know the history of this Country? And do you think your view on our history is the same as your peers? The book ‘Goondeen: Understanding Australia’ (Sophie Church, 2017) is the multi-faceted personal story of a country that is complicated, bold, negligent and wondrous. It challenges YOU to truly understand Australia. This book evoked the beginning of an important journey; recognising a gap in the education of First Nations history, language and culture. This is where the Goondeen Education Resources began, working with Community and teachers to create new education resources that were both teacher-friendly and curricula-linked. The resources and professional development sessions are a safe space to develop confidence in implementing First Nations perspectives within the classroom.

Why Australia needs “Goondeens”

Identifying Goondeens allows individuals to express their thanks (publicly or privately) to someone who gave them sound and wise advice at some stage in their life, whether directly or indirectly, and who inspires others to follow in their footsteps. It enables women and men, regardless of their social background, religion or ethnicity, to find harmony and a common purpose.