Few Australians have ever heard of The Forgotten War.

In began with the arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay and lasted for about 100 years as Aborigines defended the land they had occupied for 65000 years as Europeans spread further and further across the Continent.

Historians estimate that 30000 aborigines died in countless little battles, while 3000 whites died.

It was an unfair struggle.

One side had guns while the other only had spears.

And some were war crimes like the senseless murder of aboriginal women and children at Myall Creek near Scone.

It got worse.

An estimated 50000 aborigines died of diseases brought by white men for which they had no natural immunity.

History can’t be changed but we can record it in a manner that generates no anger so that every Australian at least knows that there was a war between whites and blacks that was a tragedy for both sides.

The Australian National War Memorial won’t acknowledge the War, but it is possible to build a Forgotten War Historical Centre on Indigenous Land somewhere in Australia.

An ideal place would at Cherbourg in Queensland which is the community of my fellow Goondeen Uncle Albert Holt.

There is great local leadership and the Centre would provide wonderful employment opportunities, particularly for young people.

Governments can subsidise community fund raising dollar for dollar and a significant sum can be raised.

It is a project in which I would be honoured to accept a role.

There will be many thousands of others who will join the team.

Let’s do it now.


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