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Nationals vote down motion to ban the burka at annual conference

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I personally would always like to see the face of someone.

It could be seen as a deceptive disguise, but as it is a cultural thing, it is something that should be dealt with by their Elders.

By Uncle Albert Holt

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  1. When I visit other countries I need to abide by the laws of government and follow the correct ethics ,process and procedures. If the Burka is symbolic of women being treated differently and not for religious reasons I would say ban the Burka in all countries . In Australia the only time the Burka should not be worn in my view is in Banks and in court. Other than that I believe it’s up to the women to make their own decision and not have their husbands decide for them

    1. It’s true. Every country has a different culture. However, it will need to be considered when a new social custom come into Australia, how we can handle it without conflict

  2. The reference to Ban the Burka is a media headline – in realty the Governments of our Federation and States should not be involved with personal expression and beliefs, however, if the Governments wish to impose a dress code for public places, then let them present the Bill for a vote in Parliament,.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Everyone has right to make their own decision.
      Australia is a multicultural country. It is normal to have conflict situations between different cultures.
      The question is how we can use a minimal cost to handle it.

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