Indigenous leaders have spoken out over the controversial and ‘divisive’ plans to scrap Australia Day

Source: TEN NEWS (click here to read the original article)


What #Goondeen Everald Compton has to say:

I do not observe 26 January as the birthday of my proud nation of Australia. It represents the invasion of an already populated continent by a European nation that had no right to come here. It also marked the start of a brutal penal settlement at which one of my ancestors suffered great privation.

I rejoice for Australia on 1 January every year as this was the day in 1901 when six British Colonies united to form the Commonwealth of Australia.

That is Australia Day.

We must now work at signing a long overdue Treaty with Indigenous Australians who were tragically omitted from the 1901 Constitution and do it on the first possible New Year’s Day, following the example of New Zealand where a Treaty with Maoris was signed in 1840.

180 years later, we can catch up. It will be an event worth celebrating.


By Everald Compton

2 Responses

  1. Interesting range of views on this topic – sometimes I wonder if we all live in the same country – would be nice if Australians could define Australian values – but then that might open a can of worms .. thanks

    1. Thanks for your interest in Goondeen’s comments.
      Yes, We definitely need to define the true value of Australia and deliver to everyone in order to make a better Australia

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