“…I am blown away by Goondeen. It is totally unique and has to be considered as a textbook in schools. It would give students perspectives that they would never get from most history books. I love it…”

Lyn Traill, educator, coach & consultant

“…For anyone who grew up during the 50’s and 60’s, many of these events may be familiar, especially to those who have spent time in communities or more remote areas. The political approaches of the contributors and the government decisions during our history as Australia resonate well in current times. Goondeen is an easy read and interesting perspective on the development of Australia since white occupation and the impacts of government decisions on individuals. The positive approach of the contributors encourages us all the look for solutions and to work together for a better future for all…”

Robin Rayner, Educationalist

“…It should be mandatory reading for all Aussies. A great reminder of many incidents that happened in our lifetime, like Tampa. Just reinforces how terrible our government/politicians are. They really should be listening to the rest of the “world”; instead of “bleating” about themselves constantly. A very provocative view that applies to all Australia, not just Qld…”

Nanette Morel, Retired Educationalist & Social Worker

“…I found it imaginatively constructive and appropriately challenging. It is good to know that its sequel is on the way…”

Gordon Sargood, retired History/English teacher

“…Congratulations on bringing Goondeen to fruition. It is a credit to all involved…”

Jim Reay, author, and retired school principal

“…succinct and something that will fit on the Australian literacy mantelpiece for many years to come…”

Yvette Holt, multi-award winning poet, academic & comedienne

“…Enjoying Goondeen. Congratulations – it is a great story – or series of stories.

Would be an excellent textbook for schools, as I do not think the younger people know much about our history.  This is an interesting approach as these men could be their grandfathers. Well done…”

Ian Benjamin, Trainer, Consultant & Author

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